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We all want tidy, safe streets with good mobility services. You can help us to bring smart regulation technology to Europe and beyond.

About you and the opportunities

We are looking dedicated and skilled people that can help us bring and develop further our next level regulation tools for better cities.

About the the job, Nivel and digital regulations

Nivel is a Norwegian govtech startup, founded in 2019. We released our first regulation tool late 2020 and with venture capital we are now expanding both team and sales efforts to bring out the tools. 

The digital regulation tools let cities take control of the public ground. We have proven that the service works in Bergen, Norway’s number two city, regulating more than 6000 scooters from seven different operators.

Now, we are ready to scale our business into other countries and cities that share our vision.

We are looking for people in data science, back end development, digital marketing and sales, political science and international business.

We are also interested in internships, part-time jobs, thesis work, summer jobs. Use the application below for this purpose.

Any language skills beyond English and your native tongue is a plus. 

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In the application form we are expecting brief answers. We will interview qualified candidates as applications are submitted.

The right candidate will be offered a competitive salary, flexible working hours and a good proportion of nerdy enthusiasm for regulation technology for the sake of better cities.